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Complete Care Cardiology is a Bulk Billing practice providing comprehensive cardiology service, that is accessible to you and your family.



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National Heart Foundationheart

Heart Disease in Australia


of us suffer from heart attacks each year.


people die of heart disease every day


as many women die of heart disease than breast cancer


women killed by heart disease everyday

Heart attack signs aren’t always what you think

(symptoms vary and they may not always be severe)
Lets keep Australian hearts beating
Heart Foundation : Go Red for Women
I wish I could have my heart attack again

Cardiac Services


Specialist Consultation

During your appointment, the specialist will review your medical history, assess your health and may arrange for further tests.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

A simple non invasive test to interpret the hearts electrical activity, which is detected by electrodes attached to the chest.


An ultrasound scan of the heart which is useful for diagnosis and management of heart disease.

Stress Echocardiogram

This test involves exercising on a treadmill while being closely monitored. An ultrasound of your heart will be performed before and after exercise.

24 hour Holter Monitor

It is a portable device that is able to continually monitor the heart electrical activity. It is detected by electrodes attached to your chest over a 24 hour period.

24 hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

It is a portable device that is able to regularly monitor blood pressure over a 24 hour period while you go about your daily activities.

Your local bulk billing cardiologist

providing comprehensive cardiac healthcare, that is accessible to you and your family


Q & A

Young female doctor sitting at her desk and talking on the phone

Can I bring a heart test referral from another cardiology provider?

Yes you can. You are free to choose the service provider of your choice.

Do I need a referral?

Yes, it is very important that you have a valid referral to be eligible for a Medicare refund. Referrals from general practitioners are valid for 12 months, and referrals from other specialists are valid for 3 months. If you
are unsure about your referral status, please contact us for assistance.

How much will my test or specialist consultation cost?

All our services, including consultation are bulk-billed. This means that
you will not have any out of pocket expenses if you have a Medicare card.

How should I prepare for my tests?

We recommend that you wear a 2 piece outfit, to allow for the removal of the top half of your clothing for any of the tests. When you make an appointment, we will advise you if there are any specific requirements to
prepare for the test you are having.

What do I do if I cannot attend a scheduled appointment?

If you need to reschedule an appointment, please contact us on 1300 935 952
as soon as possible and we will reschedule your appointment to another
time more suitable. This will allow other patients the opportunity to use
these times.



We are a Bulk Billing Practice

this means that if you are eligible, you will not have any out of pocket expenses


Referral Letter

It is a Medicare requirement that you have a valid referral from your doctor.

Medicare Card

You must have a valid Medicare card to be eligible for Bulk Billing.  You must bring your Medicare Card to your appointment.


It is important that you bring along an updated list of medications as this will allow your doctor to improve your health and prevent potential problems.


Other information that you may have pertaining to your health.  Example  : Any blood text results , x-rays.  If you are unsure, bring it along anyway.


From the Heart Foundation Australiaheart

Heart Disease in Australia


of all deaths in 2012 are from cardiovascular disease


of Australians have high blood pressure or high cholesterol


of our population are overweight


of Australians have at least 1 risk factor for heart disease

Heart disease does not discriminate – it affects the young, old, men and women

Managing Heart Disease for life

Cholesterol and Heart Disease | Heart Foundation

Just a “Little” heart attack


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1300 935 952


Monday to Friday
8.30am to 4.00pm


Sydenham Specialist Centre,
574 Melton Highway,
Sydenham, 3037.


Gisborne Specialist Centre
6 Lyell Street Gisborne, 3437.
(Inside Macedon Ranges Health)

Williams Landing

Level 5, Suite 5.11 / 101 Overton Road.
Williams landing. Victoria. 3027.

Mill Park

Mill Park Heart Centre
6 Redleap Avenue. Mill Park. 3082.
(Off Childs Road. Opposite the Stables)

Your local bulk billing cardiologist

providing comprehensive cardiac healthcare, that is accessible to you and your family

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